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Fully Staffed Open For Inspections & Professional Service all the way.


Free Agent Real Estate was founded by director and fully licensed estate agent Larry Jenkins.

(with over 20 years experience in the Maroondah area working for Barry Plant and Stockdale & Leggo)

in order to save consumers and home owners from expensive corporate franchise fees and big office overheads that are passed on indirectly to home owners and buyers alike to the tune of 50% included in "BIG" Agents Commission costs. We want to make selling your home more transparent and take the mystery away and all the hidden costs that are passed on indirectly to Vendors by the "BIG" Agents.

"I could see lots of ways to improve on what I learnt from working at the Big Franchises that could be of great help to Vendors that I could implement when I conceived the idea for our company".  


Our goal is to save "you" money on selling  "your" home !

So "you" end up with more money in "your" pocket !


"We offer a fairer deal to our clients by only charging 1.1% Commission incl GST which will

SAVE YOU OVER $10,000 ! OVER  50% ! and at the same time we still give you the highest standards of professional service and marketing".  

Just like the BIG agents......for HALF of the cost !


Do you really want to pay a real estate agent around $20,000 for 2 - 3 weeks work ?


Get the same sale result with us for half of the the expense! Call us instead !




Everybody Wins With Us !