Why Us


Because we give you 100% service for only,




Our services include : Private Sales, Auctions and NEW "Online Bidding"  


For a fully staffed professional service from start to finish.

  • Why pay big real estate franchise bosses massive commissions?
  • While they sit back and collect huge franchise fees from your sale!
  • Why pay for their large offices that no body visits anymore?
  • While all their staff drive fancy cars and sit around drinking coffee!
  • Why pay middle men such as vendor advocates?
  • While you pay more fees indirectly for their service!
  • Why pay referal fees to online agent finders?
  • While they only point you to their preferred "mates" agents for a hidden fee!
  • Why go to a cut price fixed commission agent who makes you do all the work?
  • When we do all the work for you just like the Big Agents only for half the price!
  • Why pay up front commissions to cut price online agents before they do any work?
  • When we do all the work for you and finalise the sale before we get paid!


When you can go directly to the Agent who will be handling your sale personally all the way from start to finish with real personal care!

We do it all for you, you don't have to lift a finger with FREE AGENTS.


We can offer all the same marketing power, wealth of experience and professional service of any agent in our area at a far less cost than all our competitors. When you list with us you will save over 50% on commission compared to local agents as we only charge 1.1% commission incl GST


Price Comparison : Average sale price in Maroondah is $700,000 agent costs are as follows:


                             : OTHER Agents Commission in Maroondah is  2.2%  = $15,400

                             : Average advertising costs by local agents                   = $ 5,000  

                             : Total average cost for selling property in Maroondah  = $20,400 


                             : FREE AGENTS Commission is only 1.1% incl GST    = $7,700

                             : Our advertising costs are only                                    = $2,200  

                             : Total cost when selling with us                                    = $9,900 


                             : Total average saving when you list with us = $10,000 = over 50% saving !